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Saturday, November 9, 2013

The deed is done

The deed is done.
A new adventure has begun.
Long live FastMikie,
Man of Thought and Action.

The Electric (bike) era has begun.
Delivery in a few days,
after considerable custom modifications...

The photo above is a factory stock bike.

The modifications are needed because
I'm starting with a trail bike and
converting it as much as possible
into a beach cruiser.

To make the seating position as comfortable as possible,
the seat will be lowered to be positioned fully aft of the seat post,
and attached directly on the frame.
The seat itself will need to be modified
and multiple hose clamps used to secure it.
This will be a prototype...
It will certainly be the only one like it in regard to seating.

The handle bar position will be raised and moved aft.

Further upgrades include a Shimano 3-speed d-thingie,
1500 lumen headlight, iPhone holder,
and a monster lock that weighs a ton,
but I don't care because any work I don't want to do
will be done by the 48-volt motor.

The first thing you might notice about the bike
is the big fat tires... seriously fat.
A full 4" wide balloon tire that can be run at low pressures
to make the ride seriously comfortable.

Did I make it clear that I want to be comfortable?

I'm looking forward to long rides on the beach,
at low tide, at sunset.

The range of this beast is around 30 miles, they say,
on level ground with no wind and an average weight rider.
I aim to test that, all along the beach.
You can't get much more level than sea level.

Under-inflated tires and sand surface could
seriously reduce the range, so I might want
a second battery, but not right away.

There will be a bracket for my iPhone,
to display GPS track, speed, weather, etc.
I wonder if the iPhone 5s is fast enough
to record video, track GPS, play iTunes,
and talk on the phone (facetime!), simultaneously.
If not, it's only a matter of time.

There is no app that can connect the phone and the bike
or the battery, yet...

The lights don't work off the battery,
and there's no regenerative braking,
so it's not an integrated device, yet...

The technology seems to be good enough for play...

I take delivery in a few days, maybe a week.


Where I got it:

110 West Plaza St.
Solana Beach, CA 92075

Ask for the owner, Art Womack.
Good guy, will treat you right.

Tell 'em FastMikie sent you...

Say goodbye to my old bike:

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